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HIER(7)                   MINIX 3 Programmer's Manual                  HIER(7)

       hier - Description of the file system hierarchy

       A tour through the MINIX 3 directory hierarchy.

       /      This is where the whole tree starts, and is called root.

       /bin/  Contains  the  utility  programs;  see  also  /sbin/, /usr/bin/,

              cat    show files, cat(1)
              cp     copy files and directories, cp(1)
              mount  mount file systems, mount(1)
              sh     shell

       /dev/  Contains device, block, or other special files. See mknod(2).

              console computer's console device, tty(4)
              fd*     floppy disk, fd(4)
              c?d*    hard disk, hd(4)
              null    accetps and discards all input; produces no output
              tty*    terminal device, tty(4)
              zero    the zero device; produces null bytes

       /etc/  System configuration and data files; see also /usr/etc/.

              ethers  ethernet addresses database, ethers(5)
              fstab   filesystem table, fstab(5)
              group   group permissions file
                      name of the local system, usage(5)
              hosts   TCP/IP hosts database, hosts(5)
                      trusted remote users or hosts, rhosts(5)
                      internet server config file, inet(8)
              keymap  keymap for custom keyboard, loadkeys(1)
                      configuration file for man(1), man.conf(5)
              motd    system message of the day, login(1)
              mtab    mounted file system table, fstab(5)
              passwd  user database, passwd(1)
              profile system wide shell profile
              rc      system startup script, boot(8)
                      TCP/IP domain name system, resolv.conf(5)
                      TCP/IP names to services
                      internet service access control, serv.access(5)
              shadow  shadow password database, passwd(5)
              termcap terminal type descriptions, termcap(1)
              ttytab  terminals device table, ttytab(5)
              utmp    user login database, utmp(5)

       /home/ Contains home directories for users.

              bin     home directory for user bin
              ast     Honorary home directory of Andrew S. Tanenbaum

       /mnt/  Mount point for temporarily mounted file system.

       /proc/ Mount  point  for  the  process  file  system,  which   provides
              information about running processes and the kernel.

       /root/ This directory is the home directory for the root user.

              .ashrc  ash (shell) startup configuration, ash(1)
              .exrc   ex/vi (editor) startup configuration, vim(1)
                      login shell profile configuration
              .rhosts remote users permission file, rhosts(5)
              .ssh/   contains user private keys, known_hosts and
                      authorized_keys, ssh(1)

       /sbin/ Contains system programs and administrative utilites.

              Contains small, short-lived temporary files; see also /usr/tmp/.

              Contains source and majority of system utilities and files

              adm/    Contains System administration files.

                      lastlog   last logins, login(1)
                      log       default log file
                      old       last weeks log files
                      wtmp      user logins and logouts, login(1)
                      *.cache   cached data of some programs

              ast/    Contains user skeleton files.

              bin/    Common user programs and utilities.

                      man       show manual pages, man(1)

              etc/    More system data files; see also /etc.

                      daily     daily system cleanup
                      rc        continued system initialization, boot(8)

                    Standard C include files.

                    arpa        include files for Internet service protocols
                    machine     machine specific include files
                    minix  MINIX 3 kernel include files
                    netinet     include files for Inernet standard protocols, see
                    sys         system C include files.

              lib/    Compiler libraries and other support files.

                  cawf/    text formatter support files, cawf(1)
                  crontab  cron jobs, cron(8)
                  dict/    word lists
                  libc.a   C library

             man/     Contains manual pages in subdirectories according to
                      the man page sections. See man(1).

                 cat*/     preformatted manual pages
                 man0/     section 0, Book style user commands
                 man1/     user commands
                 man2/     system calls
                 man3/     library routines
                 man4/     device files
                 man5/     file formats
                 man6/     games
                 man7/     miscellaneous
                 man8/     system utilities
                 whatis    table of manual pages, whatis(5)

                 Contains binaries associated with various boot programs.

                 boot      bootstrap code, installboot(8)

                  Contains programs which are related to local softwares.

                  bin/     utilities for locally installed programs
                  etc/     local configuration and data files
                  man/     manual pages associated with local programs

                 Contains saved elvis editor buffers.
                 See elvprsv(8), elvrec(1).

                 Contains spooled files for various commands and
                 mail programs.

                 at/       spooled jobs for at(1)
                 at/past/  completed at(1) jobs
                 crontabs/ spooled jobs for cron(8)
                 lpd/      spooled files for printing
                 mail/     mail drops, mail(1)
                 user      mailbox of user

            src/  Contains system and command source files.

                 LICENSE   MINIX 3 license to use
                 Makefile  targets for building and installing libraries,
                           utilities and boot files
                           test programs for system and graphic tests
                 commands/ source file for command utilities
                      include/  includes common to NetBSD and Minix
                      lib/ lib files common to NetBSD kernel and libc
                 docs/     documents related to recent source changes
                 drivers/  source files for various device drivers
                 etc/      source for files in /etc/
                 include/  standard C include source files
                 kernel/   kernel source files
                 lib/      source for libraries in /usr/lib/
                 man/      manual pages
                 servers/  source files for system servers
                    share/ source for files in /usr/share/
                 test/     source files for system test programs
                 tools/    kernel image making tools

             tmp/     Contains large, short lived temporary files.

       ls(1), man(1), find(1), grep(1), mount(1).

       Not  all  of the directories and files shown are present.  They must be
       created as needed.

       Many of the listed manual references do not yet exist.

       Kees J. Bot (

MINIX 3                           2011-06-23                           HIER(7)