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ATF-REPORT(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            ATF-REPORT(1)

     atf-report -- Kyua-based implementation of the deprecated atf-report

     atf-report [-o fmt1:path1 [.. -o fmtN:pathN]]

     DISCLAIMER: This version of atf-report provides a reimplementation of
     ATF's reporting engine built on top of Kyua.  This is a transitional
     script and should only be considered a helper to migrate away from ATF.
     Therefore, this version of atf-report mimics the behavior of the original
     atf-report but NOT the specific output of the command.  The output of
     this implementation is significantly different as that of the original
     one.  Please migrate to using 'kyua test' as soon as feasible.  See the
     Migration path section below for further details.

     atf-report reads the output of atf-run and transforms it to different
     formats.  Some of these are user-friendly and others are machine-
     parseable, which opens a wide range of possibilities to analyze the
     results of a test suite's execution.  See Output formats below for more
     details on which these formats are.

     In the first synopsis form, atf-report reads the output of atf-run
     through its standard input and, if no -o option is given, prints a user-
     friendly report on its standard output using the 'ticker' format.  If the
     -o option is provided, it specifies the output format to use and its

     The following options are available:

     -o fmt:path    Adds a new output format.  fmt is one of the formats
                    described later on in Output formats.  path specifies
                    where the report will be written to.  Depending on the
                    chosen format, this may refer to a single file or to a
                    directory.  For those formats that write to a single file,
                    specifying a '-' as the path will redirect the report to
                    the standard output.

   Output formats
     The following output formats are allowed:

     ticker    A user-friendly report that shows the progress of the test
               suite's execution as it operates.  This type of report should
               always be redirected to a virtual terminal, not a file, as it
               may use control sequences that will make the output unreadable
               in regular files.

     html      A multi-file HTML report.  The specified output file will be a
               symlink into a directory containing all the other support files
               for the HTML report.

               This format was not originally supported by atf-report, but is
               the right name for the compatibility 'xml' support.

     xml       A compatibility name for 'html'.  The original atf-report was
               only able to generate XML reports and relied on tools like
               xsltproc(1) to convert them to HTML.  The process was quite
               convoluted and inconvenient.  Kyua, on the other hand, is only
               able to create HTML reports at the moment.

   Migration path
     Moving from atf-report to 'kyua report' is rather simple.

     The most important thing to understand during the transition is that
     'kyua test' stores the output of the execution in a database and does not
     print a machine-parseable log to its stdout.  Instead, 'kyua report' is
     used as a second step to extract reports from the database for any
     previously executed test.

     The following examples show how to convert some common atf-report
     invocations to their corresponding 'kyua report' ones.  Because
     atf-report has always been tied to atf-run(1), these examples also
     mention the latter.

           ### Run all tests, with a summary at the end.
           $ atf-run | atf-report
           $ kyua test && kyua report

           ### Generate a HTML report.
           $ atf-run | atf-report -o xml:report.xml
             ... plus some complex file manipulation and xsltproc magic ...
           $ kyua test && kyua report-html -o path/to/report/

     kyua(1), atf-run(1)

BSD                              June 16, 2012                             BSD