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make/describe device files
add_route, del_route (8)
configure IP routing.
backup (8)
backup files
boot (8)
system bootstrapping procedures
btrace (8)
block-level tracing interface
cdprobe (8)
guess where the Minix CD is
chown (8)
change file owner and group
chroot (8)
change root directory
cleantmp (8)
clean out a tmp dir
config (8)
configuring MINIX 3 tasks and servers
cron (8)
clock daemon
dhcpd (8)
dynamic host configuration protocol daemon
diskctl (8)
control disk drive
fbdctl (8)
Faulty Block Device rule management interface
fdisk (8)
partition a hard disk [IBM]
fingerd (8)
remote user information server
fsck (8)
file system consistency check and interactive repair
fsck_ext2fs (8)
ext2 File System consistency check and interactive repair
ftpd (8)
Internet File Transfer Protocol server
ftpd.conf (5)
ftpd(8) configuration file
ftpusers, ftpchroot (5)
ftpd(8) access control file
getty (8)
system login banner
group (8)
manage group information on the system
groupadd (8)
add a group to the system
groupdel (8)
remove a group from the system
groupinfo (8)
displays group information
groupmod (8)
modify an existing group on the system
halt (8)
abruptly stop the system
hgfs (8)
VMware Host/Guest File System server
httpd, in.httpd, dir2html (8)
a web server for Minix 2 and Minix 3
i2cscan (8)
scan an IIC bus for devices
ifconfig (8)
configure a TCP/IP device
inet, inet.conf (8)
TCP/IP server
init (8)
grandparent of all processes
intr (8)
run a command with interrupts enabled
irdpd (8)
internet router discovery protocol daemon
loadramdisk (8)
copy an image of a file system to /dev/ram
makewhatis (8)
create a whatis.db database
mknod (8)
make device special file
mtree (8)
map a directory hierarchy
netconf (8)
a script to configure the network
newfs_ext2fs (8)
construct a new ext2 file system
newroot (8)
replace the current root with a new one
nologin (8)
politely refuse a login
part (8)
partition table editor
partition (8)
make a partition table
postinstall (8)
check and fix installation after system upgrades
pr_routes (8)
show IP routing.
printroot (8)
print the name of the root device on standard output
pwd_mkdb (8)
generate the password databases
pwdauth (8)
password authentication program
rarpd (8)
reverse address resolution protocol daemon
rdate (8)
set the system's date from a remote host
readclock (8)
read or set a real time clock
reboot, poweroff, halt (8)
restarting, powering down and stopping the system
renice (8)
alter priority of running processes
repartition (8)
load a partition table
rshd (8)
remote shell server
screendump (8)
write current console screen to standard output
serial-ip (8)
Serial IP (SLIP or PPP) setup
service (8)
Manage an operating system service.
setup (8)
Install MINIX 3 on a hard disk
shutdown (8)
graciously close the system down
slip (8)
Serial Line IP
srccrc (8)
compute CRC checksums of the entire source tree
strfile, unstr (8)
create a random access file for storing strings
sync (8)
force completion of pending disk writes (flush cache)
syslog.conf (5)
syslogd(8) configuration file
tcpd, tcpdp (8)
waits for a TCP connection request and starts a server
traceroute (8)
print the route packets take to network host
unix (8)
Unix Domain Sockets (PF_UNIX) / Local Sockets (PF_LOCAL)
unlink (8)
call the unlink function
update (8)
periodically write the buffer cache to disk
usage (8)
installing and using MINIX
user (8)
manage user login information on the system
useradd (8)
add a user to the system
userdel (8)
remove a user from the system
userinfo (8)
displays user information
usermod (8)
modify user login information
vbfs (8)
VirtualBox Shared Folder File System server
vipw (8)
edit the password file
virecover (8)
report recovered vi edit sessions
vndconfig (8)
configure vnode disks
zdump (8)
time zone dumper
zic (8)
time zone compiler