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ATF (7)
introduction to the Automated Testing Framework
ascii (7)
the ASCII character set.
build-root (7)
Mechanics of build directories
environ (7)
user environment
eqn (7)
eqn language reference for mandoc
hier (7)
Description of the file system hierarchy
man (7)
legacy formatting language for manual pages
man (7)
nroff macro package for manual pages
mandoc_char (7)
mandoc special characters
mdoc (7)
semantic markup language for formatting manual pages
pkgsrc (7)
NetBSD packages collection (framework for third-party software)
re_format (7)
POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions
roff (7)
roff language reference for mandoc
tbl (7)
tbl language reference for mandoc
test-filters (7)
Syntax of the command-line test filters
toascii (3)
convert a byte to 7-bit ASCII