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Kyuafile (5)
Test suite description files
TZ (5)
Time zone environment variable
atf-formats (5)
machine-parseable data formats used by ATF
boot.cfg (5)
configuration file for /boot
cdb (5)
format of the constant database
configfile (5)
generic configuration file format
cpio (5)
format of cpio archive files
crontab (5)
table of jobs to be performed by cron
dhcp.conf (5)
dynamic host configuration protocol configuration
dir (5)
directory layout
editrc (5)
configuration file for editline library
ethers (5)
ethernet address to hostname database
fstab, mtab (5)
list of file systems to mount, mounted file system table.
ftpd.conf (5)
ftpd(8) configuration file
ftpusers, ftpchroot (5)
ftpd(8) access control file
gettytab (5)
terminal configuration data base
hosts (5)
hostname to IP address database
http_status (5)
HTTP status numbers and their meanings
httpd.conf httpd.mtype (5)
configuration files for the Minix httpd web server
info (5)
readable online documentation
keymap (5)
keyboard maps
kyua-tester-list (5)
The test cases list printed by the Kyua testers
kyua.conf (5)
Configuration file for the kyua tool
libarchive-formats (5)
archive formats supported by the libarchive library
magic (5)
file command's magic pattern file
man.conf (5)
configuration file for manual pages
mtree (5)
format of mtree dir hierarchy files
passwd, group, shadow (5)
user and group databases, shadow passwords
pkg_install.conf (5)
configuration file for package installation tools
pkg_summary (5)
summary of binary package repository
resolv.conf (5)
Domain Name System resolver configuration
resolver (5)
resolver configuration file
rhosts, hosts.equiv (5)
trusted remote users or hosts
serv.access (5)
Internet service access list
statvfs (5)
file system statistics
syslog.conf (5)
syslogd(8) configuration file
system.conf (5)
operating system service configuration
tar (5)
format of tape archive files
termcap (5)
terminal capability data base
terminfo (5)
terminal capability definition
texinfo (5)
software documentation system
ttys (5)
terminal initialization information
ttytab (5)
table of login terminals
tzfile (5)
time zone information
usermgmt.conf (5)
user management tools configuration file
utmp, wtmp (5)
logged in users, login and logout history
uuencode (5)
format of an encoded uuencode file