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GElf (3)
class-independent API for ELF manipulation
RMD160Init, RMD160Update, RMD160Final, RMD160Transform, RMD160End, RMD160File, RMD160Data (3)
calculate the ``RIPEMD-160'' message digest
SHA1Init, SHA1Update, SHA1Final, SHA1Transform, SHA1End, SHA1File, SHA1Data (3)
calculate the NIST Secure Hash Algorithm
SHA256_Init, SHA256_Update, SHA256_Pad, SHA256_Final, SHA256_Transform, SHA256_End, SHA256_File, SHA256_FileChunk, SHA256_Data (3)
calculate the NIST Secure Hash Standard (version 2)
__builtin_object_size (3)
return the size of the given object
_lwp_makecontext (3)
create a new initial light-weight process execution context
a64l, l64a, l64a_r (3)
convert between a long integer and a base-64 ASCII string
abort (3)
cause abnormal program termination
abs, labs, llabs, imaxabs (3)
functions for integer absolute value
acos, acosf, acosl (3)
arc cosine function
acosh, acoshf, acoshl (3)
inverse hyperbolic cosine function
alarm (3)
set signal timer alarm
alloca (3)
memory allocator
arc4random, arc4random_buf, arc4random_uniform, arc4random_stir, arc4random_addrandom (3)
arc4 random number generator
archive_clear_error, archive_compression, archive_compression_name, archive_copy_error, archive_errno, archive_error_string, archive_file_count, archive_format, archive_format_name, archive_set_error (3)
libarchive utility functions
archive_entry_acl_add_entry, archive_entry_acl_add_entry_w, archive_entry_acl_clear, archive_entry_acl_count, archive_entry_acl_next, archive_entry_acl_next_w, archive_entry_acl_reset, archive_entry_acl_text_w, archive_entry_atime, archive_entry_atime_nsec, archive_entry_clear, archive_entry_clone, archive_entry_copy_fflags_text, archive_entry_copy_fflags_text_w, archive_entry_copy_gname, archive_entry_copy_gname_w, archive_entry_copy_hardlink, archive_entry_copy_hardlink_w, archive_entry_copy_link, archive_entry_copy_link_w, archive_entry_copy_pathname_w, archive_entry_copy_sourcepath, archive_entry_copy_stat, archive_entry_copy_symlink, archive_entry_copy_symlink_w, archive_entry_copy_uname, archive_entry_copy_uname_w, archive_entry_dev, archive_entry_devmajor, archive_entry_devminor, archive_entry_filetype, archive_entry_fflags, archive_entry_fflags_text, archive_entry_free, archive_entry_gid, archive_entry_gname, archive_entry_hardlink, archive_entry_ino, archive_entry_mode, archive_entry_mtime, archive_entry_mtime_nsec, archive_entry_nlink, archive_entry_new, archive_entry_pathname, archive_entry_pathname_w, archive_entry_rdev, archive_entry_rdevmajor, archive_entry_rdevminor, archive_entry_set_atime, archive_entry_set_ctime, archive_entry_set_dev, archive_entry_set_devmajor, archive_entry_set_devminor, archive_entry_set_filetype, archive_entry_set_fflags, archive_entry_set_gid, archive_entry_set_gname, archive_entry_set_hardlink, archive_entry_set_link, archive_entry_set_mode, archive_entry_set_mtime, archive_entry_set_pathname, archive_entry_set_rdevmajor, archive_entry_set_rdevminor, archive_entry_set_size, archive_entry_set_symlink, archive_entry_set_uid, archive_entry_set_uname, archive_entry_size, archive_entry_sourcepath, archive_entry_stat, archive_entry_symlink, archive_entry_uid, archive_entry_uname (3)
functions for manipulating archive entry descriptions
archive_read_disk_new, archive_read_disk_set_symlink_logical, archive_read_disk_set_symlink_physical, archive_read_disk_set_symlink_hybrid, archive_read_disk_entry_from_file, archive_read_disk_gname, archive_read_disk_uname, archive_read_disk_set_uname_lookup, archive_read_disk_set_gname_lookup, archive_read_disk_set_standard_lookup, archive_read_close, archive_read_finish (3)
functions for reading objects from disk
archive_read_new, archive_read_set_filter_options, archive_read_set_format_options, archive_read_set_options, archive_read_support_compression_all, archive_read_support_compression_bzip2, archive_read_support_compression_compress, archive_read_support_compression_gzip, archive_read_support_compression_lzma, archive_read_support_compression_none, archive_read_support_compression_xz, archive_read_support_compression_program, archive_read_support_compression_program_signature, archive_read_support_format_all, archive_read_support_format_ar, archive_read_support_format_cpio, archive_read_support_format_empty, archive_read_support_format_iso9660, archive_read_support_format_mtree, archive_read_support_format_raw, archive_read_support_format_tar, archive_read_support_format_zip, archive_read_open, archive_read_open2, archive_read_open_fd, archive_read_open_FILE, archive_read_open_filename, archive_read_open_memory, archive_read_next_header, archive_read_next_header2, archive_read_data, archive_read_data_block, archive_read_data_skip, archive_read_data_into_buffer, archive_read_data_into_fd, archive_read_extract, archive_read_extract2, archive_read_extract_set_progress_callback, archive_read_close, archive_read_finish (3)
functions for reading streaming archives
archive_write_disk_new, archive_write_disk_set_options, archive_write_disk_set_skip_file, archive_write_disk_set_group_lookup, archive_write_disk_set_standard_lookup, archive_write_disk_set_user_lookup, archive_write_header, archive_write_data, archive_write_finish_entry, archive_write_close, archive_write_finish (3)
functions for creating objects on disk
archive_write_new, archive_write_set_format_cpio, archive_write_set_format_pax, archive_write_set_format_pax_restricted, archive_write_set_format_shar, archive_write_set_format_shar_binary, archive_write_set_format_ustar, archive_write_get_bytes_per_block, archive_write_set_bytes_per_block, archive_write_set_bytes_in_last_block, archive_write_set_compression_bzip2, archive_write_set_compression_compress, archive_write_set_compression_gzip, archive_write_set_compression_none, archive_write_set_compression_program, archive_write_set_compressor_options, archive_write_set_format_options, archive_write_set_options, archive_write_open, archive_write_open_fd, archive_write_open_FILE, archive_write_open_filename, archive_write_open_memory, archive_write_header, archive_write_data, archive_write_finish_entry, archive_write_close, archive_write_finish (3)
functions for creating archives
asctime, asctime_r, ctime, ctime_r, ctime_rz, difftime, gmtime, gmtime_r, localtime, localtime_r, localtime_rz, mktime, mktime_z, tzalloc, tzgetname, tzfree, (3)
convert date and time to ASCII
asin, asinf, asinl (3)
arc sine function
asinh, asinhf, asinhl (3)
inverse hyperbolic sine function
at_quick_exit (3)
registers a cleanup function to run on quick exit
atan, atanf, atanl (3)
arc tangent function of one variable
atan2, atan2f, atan2l (3)
arc tangent function of two variables
atanh, atanhf, atanhl (3)
inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atexit (3)
register a function to be called on exit
atf-c++-api, ATF_ADD_TEST_CASE, ATF_CHECK_ERRNO, ATF_FAIL, ATF_INIT_TEST_CASES, ATF_PASS, ATF_REQUIRE, ATF_REQUIRE_EQ, ATF_REQUIRE_ERRNO, ATF_REQUIRE_IN, ATF_REQUIRE_MATCH, ATF_REQUIRE_NOT_IN, ATF_REQUIRE_THROW, ATF_REQUIRE_THROW_RE, ATF_SKIP, ATF_TEST_CASE, ATF_TEST_CASE_BODY, ATF_TEST_CASE_CLEANUP, ATF_TEST_CASE_HEAD, ATF_TEST_CASE_NAME, ATF_TEST_CASE_USE, ATF_TEST_CASE_WITH_CLEANUP, ATF_TEST_CASE_WITHOUT_HEAD, atf::utils::cat_file, atf::utils::compare_file, atf::utils::copy_file, atf::utils::create_file, atf::utils::file_exists, atf::utils::fork, atf::utils::grep_collection, atf::utils::grep_file, atf::utils::grep_string, atf::utils::redirect, atf::utils::wait (3)
C++ API to write ATF-based test programs
atf-c-api, ATF_CHECK, ATF_CHECK_MSG, ATF_CHECK_EQ, ATF_CHECK_EQ_MSG, ATF_CHECK_MATCH, ATF_CHECK_MATCH_MSG, ATF_CHECK_STREQ, ATF_CHECK_STREQ_MSG, ATF_CHECK_ERRNO, ATF_REQUIRE, ATF_REQUIRE_MSG, ATF_REQUIRE_EQ, ATF_REQUIRE_EQ_MSG, ATF_REQUIRE_MATCH, ATF_REQUIRE_MATCH_MSG, ATF_REQUIRE_STREQ, ATF_REQUIRE_STREQ_MSG, ATF_REQUIRE_ERRNO, ATF_TC, ATF_TC_BODY, ATF_TC_BODY_NAME, ATF_TC_CLEANUP, ATF_TC_CLEANUP_NAME, ATF_TC_HEAD, ATF_TC_HEAD_NAME, ATF_TC_NAME, ATF_TC_WITH_CLEANUP, ATF_TC_WITHOUT_HEAD, ATF_TP_ADD_TC, ATF_TP_ADD_TCS, atf_tc_get_config_var, atf_tc_get_config_var_wd, atf_tc_get_config_var_as_bool, atf_tc_get_config_var_as_bool_wd, atf_tc_get_config_var_as_long, atf_tc_get_config_var_as_long_wd, atf_no_error, atf_tc_expect_death, atf_tc_expect_exit, atf_tc_expect_fail, atf_tc_expect_pass, atf_tc_expect_signal, atf_tc_expect_timeout, atf_tc_fail, atf_tc_fail_nonfatal, atf_tc_pass, atf_tc_skip, atf_utils_cat_file, atf_utils_compare_file, atf_utils_copy_file, atf_utils_create_file, atf_utils_file_exists, atf_utils_fork, atf_utils_free_charpp, atf_utils_grep_file, atf_utils_grep_string, atf_utils_readline, atf_utils_redirect, atf_utils_wait (3)
C API to write ATF-based test programs
atf_add_test_case, atf_check, atf_check_equal, atf_config_get, atf_config_has, atf_expect_death, atf_expect_exit, atf_expect_fail, atf_expect_pass, atf_expect_signal, atf_expect_timeout, atf_fail, atf_get, atf_get_srcdir, atf_pass, atf_require_prog, atf_set, atf_skip, atf_test_case (3)
POSIX shell API to write ATF-based test programs
atomic_add, atomic_add_32, atomic_add_int, atomic_add_long, atomic_add_ptr, atomic_add_64, atomic_add_32_nv, atomic_add_int_nv, atomic_add_long_nv, atomic_add_ptr_nv, atomic_add_64_nv (3)
atomic add operations
atomic_cas, atomic_cas_32, atomic_cas_uint, atomic_cas_ulong, atomic_cas_ptr, atomic_cas_64, atomic_cas_32_ni, atomic_cas_uint_ni, atomic_cas_ulong_ni, atomic_cas_ptr_ni, atomic_cas_64_ni (3)
atomic compare-and-swap operations
atomic_dec, atomic_dec_32, atomic_dec_uint, atomic_dec_ulong, atomic_dec_ptr, atomic_dec_64, atomic_dec_32_nv, atomic_dec_uint_nv, atomic_dec_ulong_nv, atomic_dec_ptr_nv, atomic_dec_64_nv (3)
atomic decrement operations
atomic_inc, atomic_inc_32, atomic_inc_uint, atomic_inc_ulong, atomic_inc_ptr, atomic_inc_64, atomic_inc_32_nv, atomic_inc_uint_nv, atomic_inc_ulong_nv, atomic_inc_ptr_nv, atomic_inc_64_nv (3)
atomic increment operations
atomic_ops (3)
atomic memory operations
atomic_swap, atomic_swap_32, atomic_swap_uint, atomic_swap_ulong, atomic_swap_ptr, atomic_swap_64 (3)
atomic swap operations
backtrace (3)
fill in the backtrace of the currently executing thread
basename (3)
return the last component of a pathname
bcmp (3)
compare byte string
bcmp, bcopy, bzero, ffs, index, rindex, strcasecmp, strncasecmp (3)
string operations
bcopy (3)
copy byte string
bm_comp, bm_exec, bm_free (3)
Boyer-Moore string search
bsearch (3)
binary search of a sorted table
bswap16, bswap32, bswap64 (3)
byte-order swapping functions
btowc (3)
convert a single byte character to a wide character
btree (3)
btree database access method
bzero (3)
write zeroes to a byte string
cabs, cabsf, cabsl (3)
return a complex absolute value
cacos, cacosf, cacosl (3)
complex arc cosine functions
cacosh, cacoshf, cacoshl (3)
complex arc hyperbolic cosine functions
carg, cargf, cargl (3)
complex argument functions
casin, casinf, casinl (3)
complex arc sine functions
casinh, casinhf, casinhl (3)
complex arc hyperbolic sine functions
catan, catanf, catanl (3)
complex arc tangent functions
catanh, catanhf, catanhl (3)
complex arc hyperbolic tangent functions
catclose (3)
close message catalog
catgets (3)
retrieve string from message catalog
catopen (3)
open message catalog
cbrt, cbrtf, cbrtl, sqrt, sqrtf, sqrtl (3)
cube root and square root functions
ccos, ccosf, ccosl (3)
complex cosine functions
ccosh, ccoshf, ccoshl (3)
complex hyperbolic cosine functions
cdbr cdbr_open, cdbr_entries, cdbr_get, cdbr_find, cdbr_close, cdbr_write (3)
constant database access methods
cdbw_open, cdbw_put, cdbw_put_data, cdbw_put_key, cdbw_stable_seeder, cdbw_output, cdbw_close (3)
create constant databases
ceil, ceilf, ceill, floor, floorf floorl (3)
ceiling and floor
cexp, cexpf, cexpl (3)
complex exponential functions
cfgetispeed, cfsetispeed, cfgetospeed, cfsetospeed, cfsetspeed, cfmakeraw, tcgetattr, tcsetattr (3)
manipulating the termios structure
cgetent, cgetset, cgetmatch, cgetcap, cgetnum, cgetstr, cgetustr, cgetfirst, cgetnext, cgetclose, cexpandtc (3)
capability database access routines
chgat, wchgat, mvchgat, mvwchgat (3)
curses on-screen attribute manipulation routines
cimag, cimagf, cimagl (3)
complex imaginary functions
clearerr, feof, ferror, fileno (3)
check and reset stream status
clock (3)
determine processor time used
clog, clogf, clogl (3)
complex natural logarithm functions
closefrom (3)
delete many descriptors
config (8)
configuring MINIX 3 tasks and servers
confstr (3)
get string-valued configurable variables
conj, conjf, conjl (3)
complex conjugate functions
consttime_memequal (3)
compare byte strings for equality without timing leaks
copysign, copysignf, copysignl (3)
functions to manipulate signs
cos, cosf (3)
cosine function
cosh, coshf (3)
hyperbolic cosine function
cpow, cpowf, cpowl (3)
complex power functions
cproj, cprojf, cprojl (3)
complex projection functions
cpuset_create, cpuset_destroy, cpuset_zero, cpuset_set, cpuset_clr, cpuset_isset, cpuset_size (3)
dynamic CPU sets
creal, crealf, creall (3)
complex real functions
creat (3)
create a new file
crypt, setkey, encrypt, des_setkey, des_cipher (3)
password encryption
csin, csinf, csinl (3)
complex sine functions
csinh, csinhf, csinhl (3)
complex hyperbolic sine functions
csqrt, csqrtf, csqrtl (3)
complex square root functions
ctan, ctanf, ctanl (3)
complex tangent functions
ctanh, ctanhf, ctanhl (3)
complex hyperbolic tangent functions
ctermid (3)
generate terminal pathname
current_field, field_index, form_page, form_max_page, set_current_field, set_form_page (3)
form library
current_item, item_index, set_current_item, set_top_row top_row (3)
get or set item pointers or top row
curses_addch, addch, waddch, mvaddch, mvwaddch (3)
curses add characters to windows routines
curses_addchstr, addchstr, waddchstr, addchnstr, waddchnstr, mvaddchstr, mvwaddchstr, mvaddchnstr, mvwaddchnstr (3)
curses add character strings to windows routines
curses_addstr, addstr, waddstr, addnstr, waddnstr, mvaddstr, mvwaddstr, mvaddnstr, mvwaddnstr (3)
curses add character strings to windows routines
curses_attributes, attron, attroff, attrset, color_set, getattrs, termattrs, wattron, wattroff, wattrset, wcolor_set, attr_on, attr_off, attr_set, attr_get, term_attrs, wattr_on, wattr_off, wattr_set, wattr_get (3)
curses general attribute manipulation routines
curses_background, bkgd, bkgdset, getbkgd, wbkgd, wbkgdset (3)
curses attribute manipulation routines
curses_border, border, box, wborder (3)
curses border drawing routines
curses_clear, clear, wclear, clearok, clrtobot, clrtoeol, erase, werase, wclrtobot, wclrtoeol (3)
curses clear window routines
curses_color, has_colors, can_change_color, start_color, init_pair, pair_content, COLOR_PAIR, PAIR_NUMBER, init_color, color_content, no_color_attributes (3)
curses color manipulation routines
curses_cursor, getcury, getcurx, getyx, getbegy, getbegx, getbegyx, getmaxy, getmaxx, getmaxyx, getpary, getparx, getparyx, move, wmove, mvcur, wcursyncup (3)
curses cursor and window location and positioning routines
curses_default_colors, assume_default_colors, use_default_colors (3)
curses default colors setting routines
curses_delch, delch, wdelch (3)
curses delete characters routines
curses_deleteln, deleteln, wdeleteln (3)
curses delete single line routines
curses_echochar, echochar, wechochar, pechochar (3)
curses add characters and then refresh routines
curses_fileio, getwin, putwin (3)
curses file input/output routines
curses_inch, inch, winch, inchnstr, mvinchnstr, winchnstr, mvwinchnstr, inchstr, mvinchstr, winchstr, mvwinchstr, innstr, winnstr, mvinnstr, mvwinnstr, instr, winstr mvinstr, mvwinstr (3)
curses read screen contents routines
curses_input, getch, wgetch, mvgetch, mvwgetch, define_key, keyok, getnstr, wgetnstr, mvgetnstr, mvwgetnstr, getstr, wgetstr, mvgetstr, mvwgetstr, keypad, notimeout, timeout, wtimeout, nodelay, ungetch (3)
curses input stream routines
curses_insdelln, insdelln, winsdelln (3)
curses insert or delete lines routines
curses_insert, insch, winsch, mvinsch, mvwinsch (3)
curses insert characters routines
curses_insertln, insertln, winsertln (3)
curses insert single line routines
curses_keyname, keyname (3)
curses report key name routine
curses_line, hline, whline, vline, wvline, mvhline, mvwhline, mvvline, mvwvline (3)
curses draw lines on windows routines
curses_pad, newpad, subpad, prefresh, pnoutrefresh (3)
curses pad routines
curses_print, printw, wprintw, mvprintw, mvwprintw, unctrl (3)
curses print formatted strings on windows routines
curses_refresh, refresh, wrefresh, wnoutrefresh, doupdate, leaveok, flushok (3)
curses terminal update routines
curses_scanw, scanw, wscanw, mvscanw, mvwscanw (3)
curses read formatted data from screen routines
curses_screen, newterm, set_term, delscreen, endwin, initscr, isendwin, resizeterm, setterm (3)
curses terminal and screen routines
curses_scroll, scrl, wscrl scroll, scrollok, setscrreg, wsetscrreg (3)
curses window scrolling routines
curses_standout, standout, standend, wstandout, wstandend (3)
curses standout attribute manipulation routines
curses_termcap, fullname (3)
curses termcap querying routines
curses_touch, touchline, touchoverlap, touchwin, untouchwin, wtouchln, is_linetouched, is_wintouched, redrawwin, wredrawln, wsyncup, wsyncdown (3)
curses window modification routines
curses_tty, beep, flash, curs_set, def_prog_mode, reset_prog_mode, def_shell_mode, reset_shell_mode, echo, noecho, delay_output, erasechar, flushinp, gettmode, halfdelay, has_ic, has_il, idcok, idlok, intrflush, noqiflush, qiflush, killchar, meta, napms, nl, nonl, cbreak, nocbreak, raw, noraw, savetty, resetty (3)
curses terminal manipulation routines
curses_underscore, underscore, underend, wunderscore, wunderend (3)
curses underscore attribute manipulation routines
curses_window, copywin, dupwin, delwin, derwin, mvwin, mvderwin, newwin, overlay, overwrite, subwin, wresize (3)
curses window routines
daemon (3)
run in the background
dbm_clearerr, dbm_close, dbm_delete, dbm_dirfno, dbm_error, dbm_fetch, dbm_firstkey, dbm_nextkey, dbm_open, dbm_store, ndbm (3)
database functions
dbopen, db (3)
database access methods
dehumanize_number, humanize_number (3)
format a number into a human readable form and vice versa
devname (3)
get device name
dirname (3)
report the parent directory name of a file pathname
div, ldiv, lldiv, imaxdiv (3)
quotient and remainder from division
drand48, erand48, lrand48, nrand48, mrand48, jrand48, srand48, seed48, lcong48 (3)
pseudo-random number generators and initialization routines
dup_field, free_field, link_field, new_field (3)
form library
dynamic_field_info, field_info (3)
form library
editline, el_init, el_init_fd, el_end, el_reset, el_gets, el_wgets, el_getc, el_wgetc, el_push, el_wpush, el_parse, el_wparse, el_set, el_wset, el_get, el_wget, el_source, el_resize, el_cursor, el_line, el_wline, el_insertstr, el_winsertstr, el_deletestr, el_wdeletestr, history_init, history_winit, history_end, history_wend, history, history_w, tok_init, tok_winit, tok_end, tok_wend, tok_reset, tok_wreset, tok_line, tok_wline, tok_str tok_wstr (3)
line editor, history and tokenization functions
elf (3)
API for manipulating ELF objects
elf32_checksum, elf64_checksum, gelf_checksum (3)
return the checksum of an ELF object
elf32_getehdr, elf64_getehdr, gelf_getehdr (3)
retrieve the object file header
elf32_getphdr, elf64_getphdr, gelf_getphdr (3)
retrieve an ELF program header table
elf32_getshdr, elf64_getshdr, gelf_getshdr (3)
retrieve the class-dependent section header
elf32_newehdr, elf64_newehdr, gelf_newehdr (3)
retrieve or allocate the object file header
elf32_newphdr, elf64_newphdr, gelf_newphdr (3)
allocate an ELF program header table
elf32_xlate, elf64_xlate, gelf_xlate (3)
translate data between files and memory
elf_begin (3)
open an ELF file or ar(1) archive
elf_cntl (3)
control an elf file descriptor
elf_end (3)
release an ELF descriptor
elf_errmsg, elf_errno (3)
ELF library error message handling
elf_fill (3)
set fill byte for inter-section padding
elf_flagdata, elf_flagehdr, elf_flagelf, elf_flagphdr, elf_flagscn, elf_flagshdr (3)
manipulate flags associated with ELF(3) data structures
elf_getarhdr (3)
retrieve ar(1) header for an archive member
elf_getarsym (3)
retrieve the symbol table of an archive
elf_getbase (3)
get the base offset for an object file
elf_getdata, elf_newdata, elf_rawdata (3)
iterate through or allocate section data
elf_getident (3)
return the initial bytes of a file
elf_getphnum (3)
return the number of program headers in an ELF file
elf_getscn, elf_ndxscn, elf_newscn, elf_nextscn (3)
get/allocate section information for an ELF object
elf_getshnum (3)
return the number of sections in an ELF file
elf_getshstrndx, elf_setshstrndx (3)
retrieve/update the index of the section name string table
elf_hash (3)
compute a hash value for a string
elf_kind (3)
determine ELF file type
elf_memory (3)
process an ELF or ar(1) archive mapped into memory
elf_next (3)
provide sequential access to the next archive member
elf_rand (3)
provide sequential access to the next archive member
elf_rawfile (3)
return uninterpreted contents of an ELF file
elf_strptr (3)
retrieve a string pointer in a string table
elf_update (3)
update an ELF descriptor
elf_version (3)
retrieve or set ELF library operating version
endutxent, getutxent, getutxid, getutxline, pututxline, setutxent (3)
user accounting database functions
erf, erff, erfc, erfcf (3)
error function operators
err, verr, errx, verrx, warn, vwarn, warnx, vwarnx (3)
formatted error messages
esetfunc, easprintf, efopen, emalloc, ecalloc, erealloc, estrdup, estrndup, estrlcat, estrlcpy, evasprintf (3)
error-checked utility functions
ether_ntoa, ether_aton, ether_ntohost, ether_hostton, ether_line, (3)
get ethers entry
execl, execlp, execle, exect, execv, execvp (3)
execute a file
exit (3)
perform normal program termination
exp, expf, exp2, exp2f, expm1, expm1f, (3)
exponential functions
explicit_memset (3)
guarantee writing a byte to a byte string
extattr_copy_file, extattr_copy_fd, extattr_copy_link, cpxattr, fcpxattr, lcpxattr (3)
copy extended attributes from a file to another one
extattr_namespace_to_string, extattr_string_to_namespace (3)
convert an extended attribute namespace identifier to a string and vice versa
fabs, fabsf (3)
floating-point absolute value function
fclose (3)
close a stream
fdim, fdimf, fdiml (3)
positive difference functions
fdopendir, opendir, readdir, readdir_r, telldir, seekdir, rewinddir, closedir, dirfd (3)
directory operations
feclearexcept, fegetexceptflag, feraiseexcept, fesetexceptflag, fetestexcept (3)
floating-point exception flag manipulation
feclearexcept, fegetexceptflag, feraiseexcept, fesetexceptflag, fetestexcept, fegetround, fesetround, fegetenv, feholdexcept, fesetenv, feupdateenv, feenableexcept, fedisableexcept, fegetexcept (3)
floating-point environment control
feenableexcept, fedisableexcept, fegetexcept (3)
floating-point exception masking
fegetenv, feholdexcept, fesetenv, feupdateenv (3)
floating-point environment save and restore
fegetround, fesetround (3)
floating-point rounding control
fflush, fpurge (3)
flush a stream
ffs (3)
find first bit set in a bit string
fgetc, getc, getchar, getc_unlocked, getchar_unlocked, getw (3)
get next character or word from input stream
fgetln (3)
get a line from a stream
fgetpos, fseek, fseeko, fsetpos, ftell, ftello, rewind (3)
reposition a stream
fgets, gets (3)
get a line from a stream
fgetwc, getwc, getwchar, (3)
get next wide character from input stream
fgetwln (3)
get a line of wide characters from a stream
fgetws (3)
get a line of wide characters from a stream
field_arg, field_type, set_field_type (3)
form library
field_back, field_fore, field_pad, set_field_back, set_field_fore, set_field_pad (3)
form library
field_buffer, field_status, set_field_buffer, set_field_printf, set_field_status, set_max_field (3)
form library
field_count, form_fields, move_field, set_form_fields (3)
form library
field_init, field_term, form_init, form_term, set_field_init, set_field_term, set_form_init, set_form_term (3)
form library
field_just, set_field_just (3)
form library
field_opts, field_opts_off, field_opts_on, set_field_opts (3)
form library
field_userptr, set_field_userptr (3)
form library
finite, finitef (3)
tests for finite values
flockfile, ftrylockfile, funlockfile (3)
stdio stream locking functions
fmax, fmaxf, fmaxl, fmin, fminf, fminl (3)
floating-point maximum and minimum functions
fmemopen (3)
open a stream that points to the given buffer
fmod, fmodf, fmodl (3)
floating-point remainder function
fmtcheck (3)
sanitizes user-supplied printf(3)-style format string
fmtmsg (3)
format and display a message
fnmatch (3)
match filename or pathname using shell glob rules
fopen, fdopen, freopen (3)
stream open functions
form (3)
form library
form_driver (3)
form library
form_opts, form_opts_off, form_opts_on, set_form_opts (3)
form library
form_sub, form_win, scale_form, set_form_sub, set_form_win (3)
form library
form_userptr, set_form_userptr (3)
form library
fparseln (3)
return the next logical line from a stream
fpclassify (3)
classify real floating type
fpgetmask, fpgetprec, fpgetround, fpgetsticky, fpsetmask, fpsetprec, fpsetround, fpsetsticky (3)
IEEE FP mode control
fputc, putc, putchar, putc_unlocked, putchar_unlocked, putw (3)
output a character or word to a stream
fputs, puts (3)
output a line to a stream
fputwc, putwc, putwchar, (3)
output a wide character to a stream
fputws (3)
output a line of wide characters to a stream
fread, fwrite (3)
binary stream input/output
free_fieldtype, link_fieldtype, new_fieldtype, set_fieldtype_arg, set_fieldtype_choice (3)
form library
free_form, new_form (3)
form library
free_item, new_item (3)
create or delete menu item
free_menu, new_menu (3)
create or delete a menu
frexp (3)
convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
ftok (3)
create IPC identifier from path name
fts, fts_open, fts_read, fts_children, fts_set, fts_close (3)
traverse a file hierarchy
ftw, nftw (3)
traverse (walk) a file tree
funopen, funopen2, fropen, fropen2, fwopen, fwopen2 (3)
open a stream
fwide (3)
get/set orientation of a stream
gai_strerror (3)
get error message string from EAI_xxx error code
gelf_fsize, elf32_fsize, elf64_fsize (3)
return the size of a file type
gelf_getcap, gelf_update_cap (3)
read and update ELF capability information
gelf_getclass (3)
retrieve the class of an ELF descriptor
gelf_getdyn, gelf_update_dyn (3)
read and update ELF dynamic entries
gelf_getmove, gelf_update_move (3)
read and update Elf Move information
gelf_getrel, gelf_update_rel (3)
read and update ELF relocation entries
gelf_getrela, gelf_update_rela (3)
read and update ELF relocation entries with addends
gelf_getsym, gelf_update_sym (3)
read and update symbol information
gelf_getsyminfo, gelf_update_syminfo (3)
read and update symbol information
gelf_getsymshndx, gelf_update_symshndx (3)
read and update symbol information using extended section indices
gelf_update_ehdr, gelf_update_phdr, gelf_update_shdr (3)
update underlying ELF data structures
getaddrinfo, freeaddrinfo, allocaddrinfo (3)
host and service name to socket address structure
getbsize (3)
get user block size
getcwd, getwd (3)
get working directory pathname
getdate, getdate_err (3)
convert user format date and time
getdelim, getline (3)
read a delimited record from a stream
getdevmajor (3)
get block or character device major number
getdirentries (3)
get directory entries in a filesystem independent format
getdiskbyname, setdisktab (3)
get generic disk description by its name
getdomainname, setdomainname (3)
get/set domain name of current host
getdtablesize (3)
get descriptor table size
getenv, getenv_r, putenv, setenv, unsetenv (3)
environment variable functions
getfsent, getfsspec, getfsfile, setfsent, endfsent (3)
get file system descriptor file entry
getfsspecname (3)
get the underlying wedge name from a label
getgrent, getgrent_r, getgrgid, getgrgid_r, getgrnam, getgrnam_r, setgroupent, setgrent, endgrent (3)
group database operations
getgrouplist, getgroupmembership, (3)
calculate group access list
gethostbyname, gethostbyname2, gethostbyaddr, gethostent, sethostent, endhostent, herror, hstrerror (3)
get network host entry
gethostid, sethostid (3)
get/set unique identifier of current host
gethostname, sethostname (3)
get/set name of current host
getifaddrs (3)
get interface addresses
getlastlogx, getutmp, getutmpx, updlastlogx, updwtmpx, utmpxname (3)
user accounting database functions
getloadavg (3)
get system load averages
getmntinfo (3)
get information about mounted file systems
getmntopts (3)
scan mount options
getmode, setmode (3)
modify mode bits
getnameinfo (3)
socket address structure to hostname and service name
getnetent, getnetbyaddr, getnetbyname, setnetent, endnetent (3)
get network entry
getnetgrent, innetgr, setnetgrent, endnetgrent (3)
netgroup database operations
getopt (3)
get option character from command line argument list
getopt_long (3)
get long options from command line argument list
getpagesize (3)
get system page size
getpass (3)
get a password
getpeereid (3)
get the effective credentials of a UNIX-domain peer
getprogname, setprogname (3)
get/set the name of the current program
getprotoent, getprotobynumber, getprotobyname, setprotoent, endprotoent (3)
get protocol entry
getpwent, getpwent_r, getpwnam, getpwnam_r, getpwuid, getpwuid_r, setpassent, setpwent, endpwent (3)
password database operations
getservent, getservbyport, getservbyname, setservent, endservent (3)
get service entry
getsubopt (3)
get sub options from an argument
getttyent, getttynam, setttyent, setttyentpath, endttyent (3)
get ttys file entry
getusershell, setusershell, endusershell (3)
get valid user shells
glob, globfree, glob_pattern_p (3)
generate pathnames matching a pattern
grantpt (3)
grant access to a slave pseudo-terminal device
hash (3)
hash database access method
hcreate, hcreate_r, hdestroy, hdestroy_r, hsearch, hsearch_r (3)
manage hash search table
htonl, htons, ntohl, ntohs (3)
convert values between host and network byte order
httpd, in.httpd, dir2html (8)
a web server for Minix 2 and Minix 3
hypot, hypotf (3)
Euclidean distance and complex absolute value functions
iconv_open, iconv_close, iconv (3)
codeset conversion functions
if_nametoindex, if_indextoname, if_nameindex, if_freenameindex (3)
provide mappings between interface names and indexes
ilogb, ilogbf, ilogbl (3)
an unbiased exponent
index (3)
locate character in string
inet6_getscopeid, inet6_putscopeid (3)
IPv6 scope id encoding and decoding functions
inet6_opt_init, inet6_opt_append, inet6_opt_finish, inet6_opt_set_val, inet6_opt_next, inet6_opt_find, inet6_opt_get_val (3)
IPv6 Hop-by-Hop and Destination Options manipulation
inet6_option_space, inet6_option_init, inet6_option_append, inet6_option_alloc, inet6_option_next, inet6_option_find (3)
IPv6 Hop-by-Hop and Destination Options manipulation
inet6_rth_space, inet6_rth_init, inet6_rth_add, inet6_rth_reverse, inet6_rth_segments, inet6_rth_getaddr (3)
IPv6 Routing Header Options manipulation
inet6_rthdr_space, inet6_rthdr_init, inet6_rthdr_add, inet6_rthdr_lasthop, inet6_rthdr_reverse, inet6_rthdr_segments, inet6_rthdr_getaddr, inet6_rthdr_getflags (3)
IPv6 Routing Header Options manipulation
inet_addr, inet_aton, inet_lnaof, inet_makeaddr, inet_netof, inet_network, inet_ntoa, inet_ntop, inet_pton, addr, ntoa, network (3)
Internet address manipulation routines
inet_net_ntop, inet_net_pton (3)
Internet network number manipulation routines
initgroups (3)
initialize supplementary group IDs
insque, remque (3)
insert/remove element from a queue
isalnum (3)
alphanumeric character test
isalpha (3)
alphabetic character test
isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isxdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, isgraph, iscntrl, isblank, toupper, tolower, (3)
character classification and mapping functions
isascii (3)
test for ASCII character
isblank (3)
blank-space character test
iscntrl (3)
control character test
isdigit (3)
decimal-digit character test
isfinite (3)
test for finite value
isgraph (3)
printing character test (space character exclusive)
isgreater, isgreaterequal, isless, islessequal, islessgreater, isunordered (3)
compare two floating-point numbers
isinf (3)
test for infinity
isinff, isnanf (3)
test for infinity or not-a-number
islower (3)
lower-case character test
isnan (3)
test for not-a-number
isnormal (3)
test for normal value
isprint (3)
printing character test (space character inclusive)
ispunct (3)
punctuation character test
isspace (3)
white-space character test
isupper (3)
upper-case character test
iswalnum, iswalpha, iswblank, iswcntrl, iswdigit, iswgraph, iswlower, iswprint, iswpunct, iswspace, iswupper, iswxdigit (3)
wide character classification utilities
iswctype (3)
test a character for character class identifier
isxdigit (3)
hexadecimal-digit character test
item_count, menu_items, set_menu_items (3)
attach items to menus or check correspondences
item_description, item_name (3)
get item name or description
item_init, item_term, menu_init, menu_term, set_item_init, set_item_term, set_menu_init, set_menu_term (3)
get or set handler functions for menu post/unpost or item change
item_opts, item_opts_off, item_opts_on (3)
get or modify options for an item
item_userptr, set_item_userptr (3)
get or set user pointer for an item
item_value, set_item_value, item_selected (3)
get or set value for an item
item_visible (3)
get visibility status of an item
j0, j0f, j1, j1f, jn, jnf, y0, y0f, y1, y1f, yn, ynf (3)
Bessel functions of first and second kind
jemalloc (3)
the default system allocator
killpg (3)
send signal to a process group
ldexp, ldexpf (3)
multiply floating-point number by integral power of 2
lgamma, lgammaf, lgamma_r, lgammaf_r, gamma, gammaf, gamma_r, gammaf_r, tgamma, tgammaf (3)
log gamma function
libarchive (3)
functions for reading and writing streaming archives
libarchive_internals (3)
description of libarchive internal interfaces
link_addr, link_ntoa (3)
elementary address specification routines for link level access
llrint, llrintf, lrint, lrintf (3)
convert to integer
lockf (3)
record locking on files
log, logf, log10, log10f, log1p, log1pf log2, log2f, (3)
logarithm functions
logb, logbf, logbl, scalb, scalbf, significand, significandf (3)
IEEE test functions
login, logout, logwtmp (3)
login utility functions
login_getclass, login_getcapbool, login_getcapnum, login_getcapsize, login_getcapstr, login_getcaptime, login_getpwclass, login_close, setclasscontext, setusercontext (3)
query login.conf database about a user class
loginx, logoutx, logwtmpx (3)
login utility functions
lsearch, lfind (3)
linear searching routines
magic_open, magic_close, magic_error, magic_descriptor, magic_buffer, magic_setflags, magic_check, magic_compile, magic_list, magic_load, magic_version (3)
Magic number recognition library
makecontext, swapcontext (3)
manipulate user contexts
malloc, calloc, realloc, free (3)
general purpose memory allocation functions
malloc, free, realloc, calloc, alloca (3)
general memory allocation operations
mandoc, mandoc_escape, man_meta, man_mparse, man_node, mchars_alloc, mchars_free, mchars_num2char, mchars_num2uc, mchars_spec2cp, mchars_spec2str, mdoc_meta, mdoc_node, mparse_alloc, mparse_free, mparse_getkeep, mparse_keep, mparse_readfd, mparse_reset, mparse_result, mparse_strerror, mparse_strlevel (3)
mandoc macro compiler library
math (3)
introduction to mathematical library functions
mblen (3)
get number of bytes in a multibyte character
mbrlen (3)
get number of bytes in a multibyte character (restartable)
mbrtowc (3)
converts a multibyte character to a wide character (restartable)
mbsinit (3)
determines whether the state object is in the initial state
mbsrtowcs (3)
converts a multibyte character string to a wide-character string (restartable)
mbstowcs (3)
converts a multibyte character string to a wide-character string
mbtowc (3)
converts a multibyte character to a wide character
membar_ops, membar_enter, membar_exit, membar_producer, membar_consumer, membar_sync (3)
memory access barrier operations
memccpy (3)
copy string until character found
memccpy, memchr, memcmp, memcpy, memmem, memmove, memset (3)
byte string operations
memchr, memrchr (3)
locate byte in byte string
memcmp (3)
compare byte string
memcpy (3)
copy byte string
memmem (3)
locate substring in byte string
memmove (3)
copy byte string
memset (3)
write a byte to byte string
menu_back, menu_fore, menu_grey, menu_pad, set_menu_back, set_menu_fore, set_menu_grey, set_menu_pad (3)
get and set menu attributes
menu_driver (3)
main menu handling function
menu_format, set_menu_format (3)
get or set number of rows and columns of items
menu_mark, menu_unmark, set_menu_mark, set_menu_unmark (3)
get or set strings that show mark status for a menu
menu_opts, menu_opts_off, menu_opts_on, set_menu_opts (3)
get or modify options for a menu
menu_pattern, set_menu_pattern (3)
get or set menu pattern
menu_sub, menu_win, scale_menu, set_menu_sub, set_menu_win (3)
sub-menu handling
menu_userptr, set_menu_userptr (3)
get or set user pointer for a menu
menus (3)
menu library
mi_vector_hash (3)
fast 32bit hash functions
mkproto (1)
create a MINIX 3 prototype file
mktemp, mkstemp, mkdtemp (3)
make unique temporary file or directory name
modf (3)
extract signed integral and fractional values from floating-point number
mpool, mpool_open, mpool_filter, mpool_new, mpool_get, mpool_put, mpool_sync, mpool_close (3)
shared memory buffer pool
nan, nanf, nanl (3)
return quiet NaN
new_page, set_new_page (3)
form library
nextafter, nextafterf, nextafterl, nexttoward (3)
next representable floating-point number
nice (3)
set program scheduling priority
nl_langinfo (3)
get locale information
nlist (3)
retrieve symbol table name list from an executable file
nsdispatch (3)
name-service switch dispatcher routine
offtime, timeoff, timegm, timelocal (3)
convert date and time
opendisk (3)
open a disk partition
openpty, login_tty, forkpty (3)
tty utility functions
parsedate (3)
date parsing function
pause (3)
stop until signal
perror, strerror, strerror_r, sys_errlist, sys_nerr (3)
system error messages
pidfile (3)
write a daemon pid file
pidlock, ttylock, ttyunlock (3)
locks based on files containing PIDs
popcount, popcountl, popcountll, popcount32, popcount64 (3)
count number of bits set in a bit string
pos_form_cursor (3)
form library
pos_menu_cursor (3)
position cursor in menu window
posix_memalign (3)
aligned memory allocation
posix_openpt (3)
open a pseudo-terminal device
posix_spawn, posix_spawnp (3)
spawn a process
posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen, posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2, posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose (3)
add open, dup2 or close action to spawn file actions object
posix_spawn_file_actions_init, posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy (3)
initialize and destroy spawn file actions object
posix_spawnattr_getflags, posix_spawnattr_setflags (3)
get and set the spawn-flags attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_getpgroup, posix_spawnattr_setpgroup (3)
get and set the spawn-pgroup attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_getschedparam, posix_spawnattr_setschedparam (3)
get and set the spawn-schedparam attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy, posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy (3)
get and set the spawn-schedpolicy attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault, posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault (3)
get and set the spawn-sigdefault attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_getsigmask, posix_spawnattr_setsigmask (3)
get and set the spawn-sigmask attribute of a spawn attributes object
posix_spawnattr_init, posix_spawnattr_destroy (3)
initialize and destroy spawn attributes object
post_form, unpost_form (3)
form library
post_menu, unpost_menu (3)
post (draw) or unpost a menu
pow, powf (3)
power functions
printf, fprintf, dprintf sprintf, snprintf, snprintf_ss, asprintf, vprintf, vfprintf, vsprintf, vdprintf, vsnprintf, vsnprintf_ss, vasprintf (3)
formatted output conversion
prop_array, prop_array_create, prop_array_create_with_capacity, prop_array_copy, prop_array_copy_mutable, prop_array_capacity, prop_array_count, prop_array_ensure_capacity, prop_array_iterator, prop_array_make_immutable, prop_array_mutable, prop_array_get, prop_array_set, prop_array_add, prop_array_remove, prop_array_externalize, prop_array_internalize, prop_array_externalize_to_file, prop_array_internalize_from_file, prop_array_externalize_to_pref, prop_array_internalize_from_pref, prop_array_equals (3)
array property collection object
prop_array_send_ioctl, prop_array_recv_ioctl, prop_dictionary_send_ioctl, prop_dictionary_recv_ioctl, prop_dictionary_sendrecv_ioctl (3)
Send and receive propertly lists to and from the kernel using ioctl
prop_array_send_syscall, prop_array_recv_syscall, prop_dictionary_send_syscall, prop_dictionary_recv_syscall (3)
send and receive property lists to and from the kernel using syscalls
prop_array_util, prop_array_get_bool, prop_array_set_bool, prop_array_get_int8, prop_array_get_uint8, prop_array_set_int8, prop_array_set_uint8, prop_array_get_int16, prop_array_get_uint16, prop_array_set_int16, prop_array_set_uint16, prop_array_get_int32, prop_array_get_uint32, prop_array_set_int32, prop_array_set_uint32, prop_array_get_int64, prop_array_get_uint64, prop_array_set_int64, prop_array_set_uint64, prop_array_add_int8, prop_array_add_uint8, prop_array_add_int16, prop_array_add_uint16, prop_array_add_int32, prop_array_add_uint32, prop_array_add_int64, prop_array_add_uint64, prop_array_get_cstring, prop_array_set_cstring, prop_array_get_cstring_nocopy, prop_array_set_cstring_nocopy, prop_array_add_and_rel (3)
array property collection object utility functions
prop_bool, prop_bool_create, prop_bool_copy, prop_bool_true (3)
boolean value property object
prop_data, prop_data_create_data, prop_data_create_data_nocopy, prop_data_copy, prop_data_size, prop_data_data, prop_data_data_nocopy, prop_data_equals, prop_data_equals_data (3)
opaque data value property object
prop_dictionary, prop_dictionary_create, prop_dictionary_create_with_capacity, prop_dictionary_copy, prop_dictionary_copy_mutable, prop_dictionary_count, prop_dictionary_ensure_capacity, prop_dictionary_iterator, prop_dictionary_all_keys, prop_dictionary_make_immutable, prop_dictionary_mutable, prop_dictionary_get, prop_dictionary_set, prop_dictionary_remove, prop_dictionary_get_keysym, prop_dictionary_set_keysym, prop_dictionary_remove_keysym, prop_dictionary_externalize, prop_dictionary_internalize, prop_dictionary_externalize_to_file, prop_dictionary_internalize_from_file, prop_dictionary_externalize_to_pref, prop_dictionary_internalize_from_pref, prop_dictionary_equals, prop_dictionary_keysym_cstring_nocopy, prop_dictionary_keysym_equals (3)
dictionary property collection object
prop_dictionary_util, prop_dictionary_get_dict, prop_dictionary_get_bool, prop_dictionary_set_bool, prop_dictionary_get_int8, prop_dictionary_get_uint8, prop_dictionary_set_int8, prop_dictionary_set_uint8, prop_dictionary_get_int16, prop_dictionary_get_uint16, prop_dictionary_set_int16, prop_dictionary_set_uint16, prop_dictionary_get_int32, prop_dictionary_get_uint32, prop_dictionary_set_int32, prop_dictionary_set_uint32, prop_dictionary_get_int64, prop_dictionary_get_uint64, prop_dictionary_set_int64, prop_dictionary_set_uint64, prop_dictionary_get_cstring, prop_dictionary_set_cstring, prop_dictionary_get_cstring_nocopy, prop_dictionary_set_cstring_nocopy, prop_dictionary_set_and_rel (3)
dictionary property collection object utility functions
prop_ingest_context_alloc, prop_ingest_context_free, prop_ingest_context_error, prop_ingest_context_type, prop_ingest_context_key, prop_ingest_context_private, prop_dictionary_ingest (3)
Ingest a dictionary into an arbitrary binary format
prop_number, prop_number_create_integer, prop_number_create_unsigned_integer, prop_number_copy, prop_number_size, prop_number_unsigned, prop_number_integer_value, prop_number_unsigned_integer_value, prop_number_equals, prop_number_equals_integer, prop_number_equals_unsigned_integer (3)
numeric value property object
prop_object, prop_object_retain, prop_object_release, prop_object_type, prop_object_equals, prop_object_iterator_next, prop_object_iterator_reset, prop_object_iterator_release (3)
general property container object functions
prop_string, prop_string_create, prop_string_create_cstring, prop_string_create_cstring_nocopy, prop_string_copy, prop_string_copy_mutable, prop_string_size, prop_string_mutable, prop_string_cstring, prop_string_cstring_nocopy, prop_string_append, prop_string_append_cstring, prop_string_equals, prop_string_equals_cstring (3)
string value property object
proplib (3)
property container object library
psignal, psiginfo, sys_siglist, sys_signame (3)
system signal messages
pthread_atfork (3)
register handlers to be called when process forks
ptsname (3)
get the pathname of the slave pseudo-terminal device
puffs (3)
Pass-to-Userspace Framework File System development interface
puffs_cc (3)
puffs continuation routines
puffs_cred (3)
puffs credential and access control routines
puffs_flush (3)
puffs kernel cache flushing and invalidation routines
puffs_framebuf (3)
buffering and event handling for networked file systems
puffs_node (3)
puffs node routines
puffs_ops (3)
puffs callback operations
puffs_path (3)
puffs pathbuilding routines
pw_getconf, pw_getpwconf (3)
password encryption configuration access function
pw_init, pw_edit, pw_prompt, pw_copy, pw_copyx, pw_scan, pw_error (3)
utility functions for interactive passwd file updates
pw_lock, pw_mkdb, pw_abort, pw_setprefix, pw_getprefix (3)
passwd file update functions
pwcache, user_from_uid, group_from_gid (3)
cache password and group entries
qabs (3)
return the absolute value of a quad integer
qdiv (3)
return quotient and remainder from division
qsort, heapsort, mergesort (3)
sort functions
quick_exit (3)
exits a program quickly, running minimal cleanup
radixsort, sradixsort (3)
radix sort
raise (3)
send a signal to the current thread
raise_default_signal (3)
raise the default signal handler
rand, srand, rand_r (3)
bad random number generator
random, srandom, initstate, setstate (3)
better random number generator; routines for changing generators
randomid randomid_new, randomid_delete, (3)
provide pseudo-random data stream without repetitions
rcmd, orcmd, rcmd_af, orcmd_af, rresvport, rresvport_af, iruserok, ruserok, iruserok_sa (3)
routines for returning a stream to a remote command
realpath (3)
returns the canonicalized absolute pathname
recno (3)
record number database access method
refuse (3)
Re-implementation of a file system in userspace system
regex, regcomp, regexec, regerror, regfree (3)
regular-expression library
remainder, remainderf, remquo, remquof (3)
remainder functions
remove (3)
remove directory entry
res_ninit, res_ourserver_p, fp_resstat, res_hostalias, res_pquery, res_nquery, res_nsearch, res_nquerydomain, res_nmkquery, res_nsend, res_nupdate, res_nmkupdate, res_nclose, res_nsendsigned, res_findzonecut, res_getservers, res_setservers, res_ndestroy, dn_comp, dn_expand, res_init, res_isourserver, fp_nquery, p_query, hostalias, res_query, res_search, res_querydomain, res_mkquery, res_send, res_update, res_close, (3)
resolver routines
rindex (3)
locate character in string
rint, rintf (3)
round to integral value in floating-point format
rmtops (3)
access tape drives on remote machines
round, roundf, roundl (3)
round to nearest integral value
scalbn, scalbnf, scalbnl (3)
exponent using FLT_RADIX
scandir, alphasort (3)
scan a directory
scanf, fscanf, sscanf, vscanf, vsscanf, vfscanf (3)
input format conversion
secure_path (3)
determine if a file appears to be ``secure''
setbuf, setbuffer, setlinebuf, setvbuf (3)
stream buffering operations
setlocale, localeconv (3)
natural language formatting for C
setproctitle (3)
set process title
setruid, setrgid (3)
set user and group ID
setup (8)
Install MINIX 3 on a hard disk
setupterm, set_curterm, del_curterm, termname, longname, tigetflag, tigetnum, tigetstr, tparm, tputs, putp (3)
terminal independent operation routines
shquote, shquotev (3)
quote argument strings for use with the shell
sigblock (3)
block signals
sigemptyset, sigfillset, sigaddset, sigdelset, sigismember (3)
manipulate signal sets
sighold (3)
manipulate current signal mask
sigignore (3)
manipulate signal dispositions
siginterrupt (3)
allow signals to interrupt system calls
signal (3)
simplified software signal facilities
signbit (3)
test sign
sigpause (3)
atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
sigrelse (3)
manipulate current signal mask
sigset (3)
manipulate signal dispositions
sigsetjmp, siglongjmp, setjmp, longjmp, _setjmp, _longjmp, longjmperror (3)
non-local jumps
sigsetmask (3)
set current signal mask
sigvec (3)
software signal facilities
sin, sinf (3)
sine function
sinh, sinhf (3)
hyperbolic sine function
sleep (3)
suspend process execution for interval of seconds
snprintb (3)
bitmask output conversion
sockaddr_snprintf (3)
formatting function for socket address structures
sockatmark (3)
determine whether a socket is at the out-of-band mark
sqlite3 (1)
A command line interface for SQLite version 3
ssp (3)
bounds checked libc functions
stdio (3)
standard input/output library functions
stpcpy, stpncpy, strcat, strlcat, strncat, strchr, strrchr, strcmp, strncmp, strcasecmp, strncasecmp, strcoll, strcpy, strlcpy, strncpy, strerror, strerror_r, strlen, strnlen, strpbrk, strsep, stresep, strspn, strcspn, strdup, strndup, strstr, strcasestr, strtok, strtok_r, strxfrm (3)
string specific functions
stpcpy, stpncpy, strcpy, strncpy (3)
copy strings
strcasecmp, strncasecmp (3)
compare strings, ignoring case
strcat, strncat (3)
concatenate strings
strchr (3)
locate character in string
strcmp, strncmp (3)
compare strings
strcoll (3)
compare strings according to current collation
strcspn (3)
span the complement of a string
strdup, strndup (3)
save a copy of a string
strfmon (3)
convert monetary value to string
strftime, strftime_z (3)
format date and time
string_to_flags, flags_to_string (3)
Stat flags parsing and printing functions
stringlist, sl_init, sl_add, sl_free, sl_find, sl_delete (3)
stringlist manipulation functions
strlcpy, strlcat (3)
size-bounded string copying and concatenation
strlen, strnlen (3)
find length of string
strmode (3)
convert inode status information into a symbolic string
strpbrk (3)
locate multiple characters in string
strpct, strspct (3)
decimal percent formatters
strptime (3)
converts a character string to a time value
strrchr (3)
locate character in string
strsep, stresep (3)
separate strings
strsignal (3)
get signal description string
strspn (3)
span a string
strstr, strcasestr (3)
locate a substring in a string
strsuftoll, strsuftollx (3)
convert a string to a long long, with suffix parsing
strtok, strtok_r (3)
string tokens
strtol, strtoll, strtoimax, strtoq (3)
convert string value to a long, long long, intmax_t or quad_t integer
strtoul, strtoull, strtoumax, strtouq (3)
convert a string to an unsigned long, unsigned long long, uintmax_t or uquad_t integer
strxfrm (3)
transform a string under locale
swab (3)
swap adjacent bytes
sysconf (3)
get configurable system variables
sysctl, sysctlbyname, sysctlgetmibinfo, sysctlnametomib (3)
get or set system information
syslog, syslog_r, vsyslog, vsyslog_r, syslogp, syslogp_r, vsyslogp, vsyslogp_r, openlog, openlog_r, closelog, closelog_r, setlogmask, setlogmask_r (3)
control system log
system (3)
pass a command to the shell
tan, tanf (3)
tangent function
tanh, tanhf (3)
hyperbolic tangent function
tcgetpgrp (3)
get foreground process group ID
tcgetsid (3)
get session ID associated with a controlling terminal
tcsendbreak, tcdrain, tcflush, tcflow (3)
line control functions
tcsetpgrp (3)
set foreground process group ID
tempnam, tmpfile, tmpnam (3)
temporary file routines
tgetent, tgetnum, tgetflag, tgetstr, tgoto, tputs (3)
terminal independent operation routines
time (3)
get time of day
time2posix, time2posix_z, posix2time, posix2time_z, (3)
convert seconds since the Epoch
times (3)
process times
timezone (3)
return the timezone abbreviation
toascii (3)
convert a byte to 7-bit ASCII
tolower (3)
upper case to lower case letter conversion
toupper (3)
lower case to upper case letter conversion
towctrans (3)
convert a wide character with a specified map
towlower (3)
wide character case letter conversion utilities
trunc, truncf, truncl (3)
nearest integral value with magnitude less than or equal to |x|
tsearch, tfind, tdelete, twalk (3)
manipulate binary search trees
ttyaction (3)
ttyaction utility function
ttymsg (3)
ttymsg utility function
ttyname, ttyname_r, isatty, ttyslot (3)
get name of associated terminal (tty) from file descriptor
tzset (3)
initialize time conversion information
ualarm (3)
schedule signal after specified time
ulimit (3)
get and set process limits
uname (3)
get system identification
ungetc (3)
un-get character from input stream
ungetwc (3)
un-get wide character from input stream
unlockpt (3)
unlock the slave pseudo-terminal device
unvis, strunvis (3)
decode a visual representation of characters
usleep (3)
suspend execution for interval of microseconds
util, libutil (3)
system utilities library
utime (3)
set file times
uuid_compare, uuid_create, uuid_create_nil, uuid_equal, uuid_from_string, uuid_hash, uuid_is_nil, uuid_to_string, uuid_enc_le, uuid_dec_le, uuid_enc_be, uuid_dec_be (3)
Universally Unique Identifier routines
valloc (3)
aligned memory allocation function
vis, nvis, strvis, strnvis, strvisx, strnvisx, strenvisx, svis, snvis, strsvis, strsnvis, strsvisx, strsnvisx, strsenvisx (3)
visually encode characters
wcrtomb (3)
converts a wide character to a multibyte character (restartable)
wcscasecmp, wcsncasecmp (3)
compare wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcscoll (3)
compare wide strings according to current collation
wcsdup (3)
save a copy of a wide string
wcsftime (3)
convert date and time to a wide-character string
wcsrtombs (3)
converts a wide-character string to a multibyte character string (restartable)
wcstok (3)
split wide-character string into tokens
wcstombs (3)
converts a wide-character string to a multibyte character string
wcswidth (3)
number of column positions in wide-character string
wcsxfrm (3)
transform a wide string under locale
wctob (3)
convert a wide character to a single byte character
wctomb (3)
converts a wide character to a multibyte character
wctrans (3)
get character mapping identifier by name
wctype (3)
get character class identifier by name
wcwidth (3)
number of column positions of a wide-character code
wmemchr, wmemcmp, wmemcpy, wmemmove, wmemset, wcscat, wcschr, wcscmp, wcscpy, wcscspn, wcslcat, wcslcpy, wcslen, wcsncat, wcsncmp, wcsncpy, wcspbrk, wcsrchr, wcsspn, wcsstr wcswcs (3)
wide-character string manipulation operations
wordexp (3)
perform shell-style word expansions
wprintf, fwprintf, swprintf, vwprintf, vfwprintf, vswprintf (3)
formatted wide character output conversion
wscanf, fwscanf, swscanf, vwscanf, vswscanf, vfwscanf (3)
wide character input format conversion
zlib (3)
general purpose compression library