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about (1)
Shows general program information
apropos (1)
locate commands by keyword lookup
asa (1)
interpret carriage-control characters
at (1)
execute commands at a later time
atf-check (1)
executes a command and analyzes its results
atf-interface (1)
Description of the ATF test program interface
atf-report (1)
Kyua-based implementation of the deprecated atf-report
atf-run (1)
Kyua-based implementation of the deprecated atf-run
atf-sh (1)
interpreter for shell-based test programs
atf-test-program (1)
common interface to ATF test programs
atf2kyua (1)
Converts Atffiles to Kyuafiles for a particular test suite.
awk (1)
pattern-directed scanning and processing language
banner (1)
print strings in large letters
basename, dirname (1)
return filename or directory portion of pathname
bdes (1)
encrypt/decrypt using the Data Encryption Standard
bsfilt, colcrt (1)
a colcrt-like backspace filter
bzip2, bunzip2, bzcat, bzip2recover (1)
block-sorting file compressor
cal (1)
displays a calendar
calendar (1)
reminder service
cat (1)
concatenate and print files
checknr (1)
check nroff/troff files
chgrp (1)
change group
chmod (1)
change file modes
chpass, chfn, chsh (1)
add or change user database information
cksum, md2, md4, md5, rmd160, sha1, sum (1)
display file checksums and block counts
cmp (1)
compare two files
col (1)
filter reverse line feeds from input
colcrt (1)
filter nroff output for CRT previewing
colrm (1)
remove columns from a file
column (1)
columnate lists
comm (1)
select or reject lines common to two files
compress, uncompress, zcat (1)
compress a file using modified Lempel-Ziv coding
config (1)
Inspects the values of the loaded configuration
cp (1)
copy files
cpio (1)
copy file archives in and out
crc (1)
print the checksum of the file data
crontab (1)
User crontab manipulation
csplit (1)
split files based on context
ctags (1)
create a tags file
cut (1)
select portions of each line of a file
date (1)
display or set date and time
db-exec (1)
Executes a SQL statement in the store database
db-migrate (1)
Upgrades the schema of an existing database
dd (1)
convert and copy a file
debug (1)
Executes a single test case with facilities for debugging
deroff (1)
remove nroff/troff, eqn, pic and tbl constructs
df (1)
display free disk space
dhrystone (1)
integer benchmark
diff (1)
differential file and directory comparator
dosdir (1)
list an MS-DOS directory [IBM]
dosread (1)
read a file from an MS-DOS diskette [IBM]
doswrite (1)
write a file onto an MS-DOS diskette [IBM]
du (1)
display disk usage statistics
echo (1)
write arguments to the standard output
ed (1)
text editor
eject (1)
eject removable media
elf_begin (3)
open an ELF file or ar(1) archive
elf_getarhdr (3)
retrieve ar(1) header for an archive member
elf_memory (3)
process an ELF or ar(1) archive mapped into memory
env (1)
set and print environment
ex, vi, view (1)
text editors
expand, unexpand (1)
expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
expr (1)
evaluate expression
false (1)
return false value
fetch (1)
retrieve a file by Uniform Resource Locator
file (1)
determine file type
find (1)
walk a file hierarchy
finger (1)
user information lookup program
flex, lex (1)
fast lexical analyzer generator
flexdoc (1)
fast lexical analyzer generator
fold (1)
fold long lines for finite width output device
format (1)
format a PC floppy diskette
fpr (1)
print Fortran file
from (1)
print names of those who have sent mail
fsck (1)
perform file system consistency check
fsplit (1)
split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files
ftp (1)
Internet file transfer program
genassym (1)
emit an assym.h file
getopt (1)
parse command options
grep, egrep, fgrep, zgrep, zegrep, zfgrep (1)
file pattern searcher
groups (1)
show group memberships
gzexe (1)
create auto-decompressing executables
gzip (1)
compression/decompression tool using Lempel-Ziv coding (LZ77)
head (1)
display first lines of a file
help (1)
Shows usage information
hexdump (1)
ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
host (1)
look up host names using domain server
hostaddr (1)
show ethernet address, IP address or hostname
hostname (1)
set or print name of current host system
id (1)
return user identity
ifdef (1)
remove #ifdefs from a file
indent (1)
indent and format C program source
info (1)
read Info documents
infocmp (1)
compare or print compiled terminfo descriptions
infokey (1)
compile customizations for Info
install (1)
install binaries
install-info (1)
update info/dir entries
isodir (1)
list ISO9660 or High Sierra directories
isoinfo (1)
list an ISO9660 or High Sierra volume descriptor
isoread (1)
read a file in ISO9660 or High Sierra format
join (1)
relational database operator
jot (1)
print sequential or random data
kill (1)
terminate or signal a process
ksh (1)
Public domain Korn shell
kyua (1)
Command-line interface to Kyua quality assurance toolkit
kyua-atf-tester (1)
Scriptable interface to interact with ATF test programs
kyua-plain-tester (1)
Scriptable interface to interact with plain test programs
kyua-tester (1)
Scriptable interface to interact with test programs
kyua-tester-result (1)
Result files created by the Kyua testers
lam (1)
laminate files
last (1)
indicate last logins of users and ttys
ld.elf_so (1)
run-time link-editor (linker)
ldd (1)
list dynamic object dependencies
leave (1)
remind you when you have to leave
less (1)
opposite of more
lessecho (1)
expand metacharacters
lesskey (1)
specify key bindings for less
linkfarm (1)
manage symbolic links to package files
list (1)
Lists test cases and their metadata
ln (1)
make links
loadfont (1)
load a font into the video card
loadkeys (1)
load a keyboard map into the keyboard driver
lock (1)
reserve a terminal
logger (1)
make entries in the system log
login (1)
authenticate users and set up their session environment
logname (1)
display user's login name
look (1)
find lines in a sorted list
lorder (1)
list dependencies for object files
lp, lpd (1)
copy a file to the line printer
ls (1)
list directory contents
lspci (1)
print table of PCI devices
lua (1)
Lua interpreter
luac (1)
Lua compiler
lzmainfo (1)
show information stored in the .lzma file header
m4 (1)
macro language processor
machine (1)
print machine type
mail (1)
send and receive electronic mail
make (1)
maintain program dependencies
makeinfo (1)
translate Texinfo documents
mandoc (1)
format and display UNIX manuals
menuc (1)
menu compiler
mesg (1)
display (do not display) messages from other users
ministat (1)
statistics utility
mixer (1)
manipulate mixer settings on a sound card
mkdep (1)
construct Makefile dependency list
mkdir (1)
make directories
mkfifo (1)
make fifos
mkfs.mfs (1)
make a file system
mkproto (1)
create a MINIX 3 prototype file
mkstr (1)
create an error message file by massaging C source
mktemp (1)
make temporary file name (unique)
mount (1)
mount a file system
msgc, msg_window, msg_string, msg_clear, msg_standout, msg_standend, msg_display, msg_display_add, msg_printf, msg_prompt, msg_prompt_add, msg_prompt_win, msg_prompt_noecho, msg_row, msg_table_add (1)
simple message list compiler
mt (1)
magnetic tape control
mv (1)
move files
nbperf (1)
compute a perfect hash function
newgrp (1)
change to a new primary group
nice (1)
execute a utility with an altered scheduling priority
nl (1)
line numbering filter
nohup (1)
invoke a command immune to hangups
od (1)
octal, decimal, hex, ascii dump
passwd (1)
modify a user's password
paste (1)
merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
patch (1)
apply a diff file to an original
pathchk (1)
check pathnames
pax (1)
read and write file archives and copy directory hierarchies
pkg_view (1)
add and delete instances of depoted packages in views
plain-interface (1)
Description of the plain test program interface
playwave (1)
play an audio file in MicroSoft PCM wave format
pr (1)
print files
prep (1)
prepare a text file for statistical analysis
printenv (1)
print out the environment
printf (1)
formatted output
profile (1)
MINIX system profiling control command
ps (1)
process status
pwd (1)
return working directory name
pwhash (1)
hashes passwords from the command line or standard input
rcp (1)
remote file copy
recwave (1)
record an audio file in MicroSoft PCM wave format
remsync (1)
remotely synchronize file trees
report (1)
Generates a plain-text report with the results of a test action
report-html (1)
Generates an HTML report with the results of a test action
rev (1)
reverse order of characters of lines in a file
rget, rput (1)
network pipe
rlogin (1)
remote login
rm (1)
remove directory entries
rmdir (1)
remove directories
rsh (1)
remote shell
rz (1)
receive a file using the zmodem protocol
sdiff (1)
side-by-side diff
sed (1)
stream editor
seq (1)
print sequences of numbers
sh (1)
command interpreter (shell)
shar (1)
create a shell archive of files
shlock (1)
create or verify a lock file for shell scripts
shuffle (1)
print a random permutation of the command line arguments
sleep (1)
suspend execution for an interval of time
soelim (1)
eliminate .so's from nroff input
sort (1)
sort or merge text files
spell (1)
print all words in a file not present in the dictionary
split (1)
split a file into pieces
sqlite3 (1)
A command line interface for SQLite version 3
stat, readlink (1)
display file status
stty (1)
set options for a terminal device interface
su (1)
substitute user identity
svc, ci, co, svclog (1)
shell version control system
svrctl (1)
send servers control messages
synctree (1)
synchronize directory trees.
sysenv (1)
request system boot parameter
sz (1)
send a file using the zmodem protocol
tail (1)
display the last part of a file
tar (1)
tape archiver
tee (1)
pipe fitting
telnet (1)
user interface to the TELNET protocol
template, blueprint (1)
a blueprint for making manual pages
term (1)
turn PC into a dumb terminal [IBM]
termcap (1)
print the current termcap entry
test (1)
Runs tests
test, [ (1)
condition evaluation utility
texi2dvi (1)
print Texinfo documents
texindex (1)
sort Texinfo index files
tget (1)
get termcap values
tic (1)
terminfo compiler
time (1)
report how long a command takes
touch (1)
change file access and modification times
tput, clear (1)
terminal capability interface
tr (1)
translate characters
true (1)
return true value
truncate (1)
truncate or extend the length of files
tsort (1)
topological sort of a directed graph
tty (1)
return user's terminal name
ul (1)
do underlining
umount (1)
unmount a mounted file system
uname (1)
Print operating system name
unifdef, unifdefall (1)
remove preprocessor conditionals from code
uniq (1)
report or filter out repeated lines in a file
units (1)
conversion program
unvis (1)
revert a visual representation of data back to original form
unzip (1)
extract files from a ZIP archive
uptime (1)
show how long system has been running
users (1)
list current users
uuencode, uudecode (1)
encode/decode a binary file
uuidgen (1)
generate universally unique identifiers
vis (1)
display non-printable characters in a visual format
vol (1)
split input on or combine output from several volumes
w (1)
who present users are and what they are doing
wall (1)
write a message to users
wc (1)
word, line, and byte count
what (1)
search files for SCCS identifiers
whatis (1)
describe what a command is
whereis (1)
locate programs
which (1)
locate a program file in the users $PATH environment variable
who (1)
display who is logged in
whoami (1)
display effective user id
whois (1)
Internet domain name and network number directory service
worldstone (1)
shell script to consistently execute benchmarks
write (1)
send a message to another user
xargs (1)
construct argument list(s) and execute utility
xstr (1)
extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
xz, unxz, xzcat, lzma, unlzma, lzcat (1)
Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
yap, more (1)
yet another pager
yes (1)
be repetitively affirmative
zcmp, zdiff (1)
compare compressed files
zforce (1)
force gzip files to have a .gz suffix
zmore, zless (1)
view compressed files
znew (1)
convert compressed files to gzipped files