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ldap.conf (5)
LDAP configuration file/environment variables
adduser.conf (5)
configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8) .
deluser.conf (5)
configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8) .
adjtime_config (5)
information about hardware clock setting and drift factor
apt-config (8)
APT Configuration Query program
apt-extracttemplates (1)
Utility to extract debconf config and templates fr...
apt.conf (5)
Configuration file for APT
apt_auth.conf (5)
Login configuration file for APT sources and proxies
binfmt.d (5)
Configure additional binary formats for executables at...
byobu (1)
wrapper script for seeding a user's byobu configuratio...
byobu-config (1)
Configuration utility for byobu
byobu-ctrl-a (1)
Configure Byobu's ctrl-a behavior
capability.conf (5)
configuration file for the pam_cap module
chcpu (8)
configure CPUs
chmem (8)
configure memory
config (5ssl)
OpenSSL CONF library configuration files
confstr (3)
get configuration dependent string variables
console-setup (5)
configuration file for setupcon
depmod.d (5)
Configuration directory for depmod
devlink-dev (8)
devlink device configuration
devlink-port (8)
devlink port configuration
devlink-resource (8)
devlink device resource configuration
devlink-sb (8)
devlink shared buffer configuration
devlink-trap (8)
devlink trap configuration
dhclient (8)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
dhclient-script (8)
DHCP client network configuration script
dhclient.conf (5)
DHCP client configuration file
dhcp-options (5)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol options
dir_colors (5)
configuration file for dircolors(1)
dmmp_reconfig (3)
Instruct multipathd daemon to do reconfiguration.
dnssec-trust-anchors.d (5)
DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files
dpkg-preconfigure (8)
let packages ask questions prior to their installation
dpkg-reconfigure (8)
reconfigure an already installed package
dpkg.cfg (5)
dpkg configuration file
Dpkg::Conf (3perl)
parse dpkg configuration files
e2fsck.conf (5)
Configuration file for e2fsck
editrc (5edit)
configuration file for editline library
pam_env.conf (5)
the environment variables config files
faillock.conf (5)
pam_faillock configuration file
fpathconf (3)
get configuration values for files
gai.conf (5)
getaddrinfo(3) configuration file
getconf (1)
Query system configuration variables
git-config (1)
Get and set repository or global options
git-sparse-checkout (1)
Initialize and modify the sparse-checkout configura...
gitweb.conf (5)
Gitweb (Git web interface) configuration file
group.conf (5)
configuration file for the pam_group module
grub-mkconfig (8)
generate a GRUB configuration file
grub-syslinux2cfg (1)
transform syslinux config into grub.cfg
gsettings (1)
GSettings configuration tool
hdparm.conf (5)
Debian configuration file for hdparm
host.conf (5)
resolver configuration file
hostname (5)
Local hostname configuration file
HTTP::Config (3pm)
Configuration for request and response objects
iconvconfig (8)
create iconv module configuration cache
ifcfg (8)
simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management
ifconfig (8)
configure a network interface
initramfs.conf (5)
configuration file for mkinitramfs
ip-fou (8)
Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration
ip-gue (8)
Generic UDP Encapsulation receive port configuration
ip-l2tp (8)
L2TPv3 static unmanaged tunnel configuration
ip-link (8)
network device configuration
ip-macsec (8)
MACsec device configuration
ip-netconf (8)
network configuration monitoring
ip-ntable (8)
neighbour table configuration
ip-tunnel (8)
tunnel configuration
ip-xfrm (8)
transform configuration
iw (8)
show / manipulate wireless devices and their configura...
journald.conf (5)
Journal service configuration files
journald.conf.d (5)
Journal service configuration files
journald@.conf (5)
Journal service configuration files
keyboard (5)
keyboard configuration file
lcf (1)
Determine which of the historical versions of a config...
ldconfig (8)
configure dynamic linker run-time bindings
libaudit.conf (5)
libaudit configuration file
libnetcfg (1)
configure libnet
lighttpd-disable-mod (1)
enable or disable configuration in lighttpd server
lighttpd-enable-mod (1)
enable or disable configuration in lighttpd server
lighty-disable-mod (1)
enable or disable configuration in lighttpd server
lighty-enable-mod (1)
enable or disable configuration in lighttpd server
limits.conf (5)
configuration file for the pam_limits module
loader.conf (5)
Configuration file for systemd-boot
locale.conf (5)
Configuration file for locale settings
locale.gen (5)
Configuration file for locale-gen
localtime (5)
Local timezone configuration file
login.defs (5)
shadow password suite configuration
logind.conf (5)
Login manager configuration files
logind.conf.d (5)
Login manager configuration files
ltrace.conf (5)
Configuration file for ltrace(1).
lvm-config (8)
Display and manipulate configuration information
lvm-dumpconfig (8)
Display and manipulate configuration information
lvm.conf (5)
Configuration file for LVM2
lvmconfig (8)
Display and manipulate configuration information
machine-id (5)
Local machine ID configuration file
makedefs (1)
Postfix makefile configuration utility
manpath (5)
format of the /etc/manpath.config file
master (5)
Postfix master process configuration file format
mdadm.conf (5)
configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm
memcache_table (5)
Postfix memcache client configuration
mke2fs.conf (5)
Configuration file for mke2fs
modprobe.d (5)
Configuration directory for modprobe
modules-load.d (5)
Configure kernel modules to load at boot
multipath (8)
Device mapper target autoconfig.
multipath.conf (5)
multipath daemon configuration file.
muttrc (5)
Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent
named-checkconf (8)
named configuration file syntax checking tool
named.conf (5)
configuration file for named
namespace.conf (5)
the namespace configuration file
nanorc (5)
GNU nano's configuration file
netkit-netrc (5)
user configuration for ftp
netplan (5)
YAML network configuration abstraction for various bac...
netplan-apply (8)
apply configuration from netplan YAML files to a runni...
netplan-generate (8)
generate backend configuration from netplan YAML files
netplan-get (8)
read merged netplan YAML configuration
netplan-set (8)
write netplan YAML configuration snippets to file
netplan-try (8)
try a configuration, optionally rolling it back
netrc (5)
user configuration for ftp
networkd.conf (5)
Global Network configuration files
networkd.conf.d (5)
Global Network configuration files
nss (5)
Name Service Switch configuration file
nsswitch.conf (5)
Name Service Switch configuration file
pam-auth-update (8)
manage PAM configuration using packaged profiles
pam.conf (5)
PAM configuration files
pam.d (5)
PAM configuration files
pam_namespace (8)
PAM module for configuring namespace for a session
pathconf (3)
get configuration values for files
pciconfig_iobase (2)
pci device information handling
pciconfig_read (2)
pci device information handling
pciconfig_write (2)
pci device information handling
plipconfig (8)
fine tune PLIP device parameters
postconf (1)
Postfix configuration utility
postconf (5)
Postfix configuration parameters
pstore.conf (5)
PStore configuration file
pstore.conf.d (5)
PStore configuration file
pure-ftpd-wrapper (8)
configures and starts Pure-FTPd daemon
rdma-dev (8)
RDMA device configuration
rdma-link (8)
rdma link configuration
rdma-resource (8)
rdma resource configuration
rdma-statistic (8)
RDMA statistic counter configuration
rdma-system (8)
RDMA subsystem configuration
resolv.conf (5)
resolver configuration file
resolved.conf (5)
Network Name Resolution configuration files
resolved.conf.d (5)
Network Name Resolution configuration files
resolver (5)
resolver configuration file
rndc.conf (5)
rndc configuration file
rsyncd.conf (5)
configuration file for rsync in daemon mode
rsyslog.conf (5)
rsyslogd(8) configuration file
semanage.conf (5)
global configuration file for the SELinux Management l...
sepermit.conf (5)
configuration file for the pam_sepermit module
setpci (8)
configure PCI devices
sg_get_config (8)
sleep.conf.d (5)
Suspend and hibernation configuration file
smartd.conf (5)
SMART Disk Monitoring Daemon Configuration File
sos.conf (5)
sosreport configuration
sources.list (5)
List of configured APT data sources
ssh_config (5)
OpenSSH client configuration file
sshd_config (5)
OpenSSH daemon configuration file
sudo.conf (5)
configuration for sudo front end
sysconf (3)
get configuration information at run time
sysctl (8)
configure kernel parameters at runtime
sysctl.conf (5)
sysctl preload/configuration file
sysctl.d (5)
Configure kernel parameters at boot
system.conf.d (5)
System and session service manager configuration files
systemd-binfmt (8)
Configure additional binary formats for executables at...
systemd-binfmt.service (8)
Configure additional binary formats for executab...
systemd-delta (1)
Find overridden configuration files
systemd-network-generator (8)
Generate network configuration from the kerne...
systemd-network-generator.service (8)
Generate network configuration from t...
systemd-sleep.conf (5)
Suspend and hibernation configuration file
systemd-sysctl (8)
Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-sysctl.service (8)
Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-system.conf (5)
System and session service manager configuration files
systemd-user.conf (5)
System and session service manager configuration files
systemd.automount (5)
Automount unit configuration
systemd.device (5)
Device unit configuration
systemd.directives (7)
Index of configuration directives
systemd.dnssd (5)
DNS-SD configuration
systemd.exec (5)
Execution environment configuration
systemd.kill (5)
Process killing procedure configuration (5)
Network device configuration
systemd.mount (5)
Mount unit configuration
systemd.negative (5)
DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files
systemd.netdev (5)
Virtual Network Device configuration (5)
Network configuration
systemd.path (5)
Path unit configuration
systemd.positive (5)
DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files
systemd.scope (5)
Scope unit configuration
systemd.service (5)
Service unit configuration
systemd.slice (5)
Slice unit configuration
systemd.socket (5)
Socket unit configuration
systemd.swap (5)
Swap unit configuration
systemd.syntax (7)
General syntax of systemd configuration files (5)
Target unit configuration
systemd.timer (5)
Timer unit configuration
systemd.unit (5)
Unit configuration
tcpdchk (8)
tcp wrapper configuration checker
terminal-colors.d (5)
Configure output colorization for various utilities
thermal-conf.xml (5)
Configuration file for thermal daemon
time.conf (5)
configuration file for the pam_time module
timesyncd.conf (5)
Network Time Synchronization configuration files
timesyncd.conf.d (5)
Network Time Synchronization configuration files
tipc (8)
a TIPC configuration and management tool
tmpfiles.d (5)
Configuration for creation, deletion and cleaning of v...
ucf (1)
Update Configuration File: preserve user changes in co...
ucf.conf (5)
site-wide configuration file for ucf
ucfr (1)
Update Configuration File Registry: associate packages...
udev.conf (5)
Configuration for device event managing daemon
udisks2.conf (5)
The udisks2 configuration file
update-grub (8)
stub for grub-mkconfig
update-grub2 (8)
stub for grub-mkconfig
update-initramfs.conf (5)
configuration file for update-initramfs
user-dirs.conf (5)
configuration for xdg-user-dirs-update
user.conf.d (5)
System and session service manager configuration files
vgcfgbackup (8)
Backup volume group configuration(s)
vgcfgrestore (8)
Restore volume group configuration
wpa_supplicant.conf (5)
configuration file for wpa_supplicant
x509v3_config (5ssl)
X509 V3 certificate extension configuration format
xdg-user-dirs-update (1)
Update XDG user dir configuration
xkeyboard-config (7)
XKB data description files